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At Anu-April Fine Jewelry we value natural diamonds above all other diamond simulates or lab creations.

We firmly believe in the metaphysical benefits, captivating beauty, and intangible value that only natural diamonds possess. 

Our GIA graded natural diamonds are hand selected from expertly cut over 31,000 terra-seconds old formations and not laboratories.

Contrary to an abundance of misinformation and recent market push for lab created diamonds, high quality finely cut natural diamonds are considered rare; with a strong monetary retention value, making them a unique, and special gift.

 We are here to provide our customers with the knowledge necessary to make the perfect purchase.

All that being said, we always prioritize our client preferences and thus fulfill requests for lab created diamonds and diamond substitutes.

Our team is here to guide you through the diamond basics so you can find the perfect diamond for you or your loved one. 

 Get a jump start on diamond basics below with an interactive learning guide.


Learn about the 4 C's and natural diamonds using the interactive tool below.

An informed client is our best client!

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