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108, 8 mm bloodstone beads and a single 10 mm bloodstone bead are accented with faceted golden pyrite. A conscious and vibrant combination in support of courage and root upward healing. This mala was hand knotted between each individual bead and strung on multi-colored red and deep green silk. 49" inches long including 3.5" inch handmade trimmable silk tassel. Handmade with love in Boston, MA USA.



About Bloodstone:

Bloodstone is considered a powerful healing stone, believed to heighten intuition, increases creativity, and repel negative environmental energies. In medicinal application it is believed to be a powerful blood cleanser.


Bloodstone is characterized by its dark green, and greenish blue colors, and accented with blood-like red colored specks. Sometimes bloodstone is also referred to as the Christ stone.


Chakra Association: Base, 1st



Considered a powerfully positive stone of manifestation, motivation, and protection, believed to enhance creativity, and promote wealth building.


Chakra Associations: Sacral and Solar Plexus, 2nd and 3rd

Love & Bloodstone

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