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Natural pyrite pear briolettes are  alternatingly drapped on hand twisted sterling silver strands from a pyrite beaded collar. This necklace is completely hand made and finished with a satin brushed sterling stilver toggle clasp.  This piece is elegant, delicate, and  beautifully accentuates a long neckline. Comes with matching pyrite and sterling silver earrings.




Pyrite: A natural occuring mineral, also refered to as fools gold or cat's gold. From metaphysical belief systems pyrite resonates with fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth. It is considered masculine in nature, belived to stimulate the flow of ideas and protect its wearer against negative energies, and environmental pollutants.


Chakra Association: 2nd and 3rd chakras.

Pyrite Goddess Set .925

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